Our Experience

HughesGlobal offers its programs and services  to ​both individuals, teams, and organizations.  Individual clients have  included executives, managers, organizational leaders, professionals,  consultants, and students.  

Organizational  clients have been from the profit, nonprofit, education, government  sectors in North America, Europe and Asia, including Aerospace,  Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, Human Services, Relig​ious, Retail, Technology and Telecommunications​ organizations. Museums and Agri-food are recent practice areas.

We are a network of innovators and change agents.  We sometimes travel by different names and  disguises, but we innovate ​​- with you.  We work together ​to innovate a ​future, business, organization, strategy, plan, product, team, program, project, event,  process, network, ​system, supply chain, organization, business  venture, ​​course, curriculum, or life.   Our design intent is ​​​to encourage individual and organizational innovation and change through ​systemic thinking and action.